6 Multiplex Rental Investments, Under $3 Million, That You Can Retire off of

December 9, 2022

With interest rates going up, cap rates* (definition at the bottom of article) are also going up. Which means more cashflow from rental property investments! Is this the time to finally get into multi unit investment properties? We certainly think over the next year will be the best opportunity to secure great cash flowing rental investments that you can retire off of.

Here are 6 multiplex homes for sale today

We found these options on the TopHouse app by selecting “multiplex” and setting the max price to $3M. You can do it too! Here is how.
  1. Download the TopHouse App Here
  1. Click type and select “multiplex” in the top left
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  1. Set your budget by adjusting the price filter
  1. It is really easy to switch between for sale and for rent while staying in the same spot on the map so you can see what kind of rent you can get for homes in that area
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5. View SOLD prices and RENTED homes to verify market values.
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Here are our 6 picks for Multiplex homes for sale today

1. 6-plex in Long Branch Etobicoke for $2,900,000

notion image

2. 4-plex in Burlington for $2,430,000

notion image

3. 6-plex with redevelopment potential in Leslieville for $2,888,800

notion image

4. Annex triplex for $1,999,900

notion image

5. Triplex in The Beaches for $1,950,000

notion image

6. 6-plex in downtown Whitby for $1,999,900

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Search for more multiplex investments on the TopHouse App Here

*Definition: cap rate is a financial calculation that is a percentage of net income divided by the price of a real estate asset. So if a property makes $50,000/ year in profit and it is priced at $1 Million. The Cap rate is 5%. 50K/ 1 M = 0.05. It is important to note that Cap rate calculations do not take into account your mortgage payments. Only the expenses related to the operation of the asset, not the financing of the asset.

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